This is important, especially for Canadians who are on student visas or still claim residence in Canada: Make sure to fill out your schools health care waiver immediately, so you don’t get charged the premium which can be very expensive ($400 in FDU). Double check with your parents and make sure you have a plan (i.e. BlueCross) that covers you while travelling, studying, at a really really long friends wedding etc….

If you are American and your parents or you have a health care plan that covers you, make sure to waive this ‘service’ right away.

The deadline comes quickly. Read the waiver and make sure you send it in at least a week before the deadline. It will save you hundreds of dollars.

In the event you miss the deadline and get stuck with it, at least make sure to use up all the benefits. Buy new glasses or fracture an ankle.


Thank you to reader Y.W. for putting this together.


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