If you plan to include CLEP credits on your degree, make sure you understand how the CLEP system works and what tests you should take. Also, START PREPARING FOR YOUR CLEP RIGHT AWAY. If you wait until you finish all your courses to start studying, many of the Yeshiva Degree universities – like any other – will not let you transfer credits after six months of finishing your last course. You need to transfer your CLEP credits before, or at least during the time you’re taking other courses there. People have managed to transfer credits after six months of finishing required classes but it was a lot of heartache, bureaucratic procedure and a huge pain. Avoid it.

Some things to consider about CLEP:

  • How many CLEP credits can you transfer? (Usually same question as: How many credits can you transfer from institution other than Yeshiva?)
  • Does CLEP offer exams for courses that you are required to take? (I.e. If you need English credits, CLEP offers English exams that are accepted almost everywhere)
  • Should you CLEP or should you take the course? How well can you do on your own?

Be sure to test out your CLEPing ability with the sample tests by clicking HERE

WHERE TO CLEP: The best place to take the CLEP test is at Darchei Noam, on Avenue J in Brooklyn. It’s very Heimish – you can drop in anytime (though call a little in advance to make sure a spot is available). Call¬†(718) 338-6464. ¬†Cost is roughly $100 – same as anywhere else and cheaper than some Community colleges CLEP centers.

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