If you want exemptions, higher status or a better shot at getting into a future university (i.e. Law School, Med School etc) you need to have your Yeshiva credits transferred to your undergrad transcript (this is if you have not graduated yet. Obviously if you’ve already graduate you’ve done this already).

Many people put off transferring the credits. This is a mistake.

Yeshiva credits on their own are not worth anything. They only acquire value when they are placed on a real universities transcript. This process can take a few weeks, and if you need to send out applications (in advance of graduation etc) you need to have them already attached.

How to attach them: Simply ask the secretary in your Yeshiva to mail a sealed, stamped copy of your Yeshiva transcript to the secretary of your university. That’s all there is to it. The rest happens automatically, but follow up to make sure it was received.

Hatzlacha and Shteig on!


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