Lifehacker compiled a fantastic list of free courses available online from some of the top universities and instructors in the world. Most of us have heard of or used Khan Academy, and a handful have taken courses on Udacity but how many of you are aware of the incredible options there are for an online education?

In my experience, it happens to be that the online courses I’ve taken from Udacity and Coursera were far better than any in class course on the same topic. The online versions provide far better content, practicality and ease of use – and why wouldn’t they? They have to be! Because they don’t offer recognized degrees or the classroom experience, the only thing left to offer is actual content.

Universities have lost their incentive to provide quality education at reasonable prices since they have convinced most of us that we must attend if we have any hopes of ever getting a job. As the future will demonstrate, this won’t be the case.




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