• Avoid FDU

    Avoid FDU

    From the point of view of a Yeshiva student, FDU serves two purposes: To provide an efficient and quick route to law school (for schools that emphasize LSATs for admissions) To provide with what you […]

  • TIP: Avoid Summer II at FDU

    TIP: Avoid Summer II at FDU

    Summer II courses at FDU are almost 30% more expensive that courses during Summer I or any other semester. They won’t volunteer this information to you, and in general, students only find out after they’ve […]

  • FDU Winter (Spring) Schedule Posted

    FDU Winter (Spring) Schedule Posted

    We’ve enhanced FDU’s Spring 2013 Schedule (which we refer to as Winter 2013 Schedule, since in any other university, that’s what it’s called), and posted it here: FDU WINTER 2013 ENHANCED CALENDAR.   In short, […]

  • REMINDER: Express FDU courses begin this Thursday

    REMINDER: Express FDU courses begin this Thursday

    FDU’s popular 2.5 week “fast-track” courses in Teaneck begin this Thursday. True, they eat up most of your Chol Hamoed time, but they are consistently easy, and within a couple of weeks you’ve got yourself […]

  • FDU Fall Schedule - Enhanced

    FDU Fall Schedule – Enhanced

    We’ve been working on creating enhanced versions of university issued schedules, starting with listing the Professors of each course with a link to their RateMyProfessors page. We encourage all our readers to post reviews of […]

  • FDU Fall Schedule Posted

    FDU Fall Schedule Posted

    The FDU Yeshuva Program has posted their fall schedule at the usual link – here The professors have not been finalized yet so they are not releasing the names yet, but we are waiting to […]