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Topic: Help Me Navigate My Way
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Help Me Navigate My Way
on: June 21, 2013, 02:41

Okay Forum Members I need all the help I can get on this. I am 27 years old and currently a full time student in Beth Medrash Govoah Lakewood NJ. This coming Pesach I officially graduate with a BTL. My GPA, which i might add is randomly generated being that there is no accounting of students nor any testing, is as of now a measly 3.73. There is an option to appeal it but it is a very difficult process as they want you ( and the government ) to believe that they correctly administer each grade. So, here are my questions for you. I don't know yet what I would like to go for but i have ideas. I am considering possibly one of these, Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD), Industrial Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Psychology in Marketing. I am really unsure as of yet. I am trying to map things out and here is where I need your help. Do you think I should accept a BTL take the perquisites that i would need and apply for whatever I end up doing? Or, Should I get out of the BTL program before I graduate from here and transfer my credits elsewhere to get possibly a more recognized diploma ( after all from what I hear more and more, is that graduate schools don't respect the BTL from Lakewood except some Law Schools with an excellent LSAT score, but clearly I don't seem to want to go to Law School ) ? If I were to transfer my credits I know FDU will take a lot but they offer a BAIS which is business related I don't think that will help for psychology related programs, so do you know what other schools accept my credits? Or should I restart my BA altogether and consider a community college or an online college? If I would do that any recommendations on where to go for that? I want to add one last thing and that all my Pell grant money is still available if i were to choose to restart a degree.

Thanks so much for reading, Can you help me?

P.S. I never took my SAT would it help me to take some time to study for them and take the test?

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Re: Help Me Navigate My Way
on: June 25, 2013, 04:19

Do you know anyone else who graduated with a BTL and went on to university? If you do, please send them our way – we are trying to put together a report on the usefulness of BTLs nowadays.

You are correct about FDU – they will accept 72 credits, and 18 cleps. All said and done, you would have to take 10 courses with them, pay about $17000, over a period of about a year (if you're average speed) and receive a degree more recognized than BMGs.

However, BMG afterall IS an accreditted institution. It depends how you feel about the LSATs. If you feel you can score high (and you can try more than once) why not save $17000 and just use the BTL + LSAT to apply to grad school?

Definitely appeal your grade. If you were solid in Yeshiva, no reason they won't bump up the GPA for you, since you need it. Many yungermen don't care about it and will take the hit for you happily.

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