Ner Israel Rabbinical College offers its students a two-year (8 courses) pre med program which gives you the basic and minimum requirements to get into a med school.

Classes are given in Towson University (20 minute drive from yeshiva) by one of their own professors about 2 or 3 nights a week and the class is only for yeshiva bochurim.

By default, one will receive a bachelors in Talmudic Law issued by Ner Yisrael with the 8 pre reqs from Towson on transcript -the minimum for any med school (though a number of students pursue a second bachelors from Towson afterwards)

Each course costs about $1,000

The best part is, the course schedule runs with Yeshiva schedule therefore you will never miss a class due to a yom tov or off-shabbos, or even bein hazmanim!

The pro’s; maintain your full-time yeshiva schedule, live in yeshiva atmosphere

The con’s; you are not well prepared for MCAT’s and BTL isn’t helpful for a med school

a number of people who have went through this program have gotten into good med schools such as maryland.

the 8 courses are General Chemistry 1 and 2 (CHEM 110 and 111)

Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 (CHEM 331 and 332)

Anatomy and Physiology 1 (BIOL 213)

Biology 1: Cell and Genetics (BIOL 201)

Physics-non calculus based 1 and 2 (PHYS 111 and 112)-numbers could be off.




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  1. chaim November 7, 2013 at 12:13 am

    It says that u won’t have to miss class for Bain hazmanim however the truth is that you have to stay in Baltimore till the day before erev pesach and come back right after and there is classes for most of summer bein hazmanim (elul zman is entirely off) the main drawback of ner yisrael however is that the mashgiach rabbi weisboard is going senile and is incredibly difficult to deal with however if you stay out of his way you should be alright


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